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monkeycherry: Love the point of view, the gorgeous pedicure,…

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Love the point of view, the gorgeous pedicure, the glance from over her shoulder. It’s all fantastic.

From the always brilliant salaciousmusings.salaciousmusings:She…

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From the always brilliant salaciousmusings.


She had been so busy that she had scarcely been able to do more than kiss him quickly as they passed one another in the hall.  This time, she had the time, she also had the desire and would not allow this moment to go to go to waste.  
She locked the door as she strode into his office in only her trench coat on a day too warm and dry for such coverings.  In one bold move she dropped her coat and pushed all of his papers from his desk.  Before he could protest, she sat on the edge and leaned back gracefully on her arms growling her need.  Wordlessly she watched him drop to his knees and allowed his expert mouth and tongue take her to heaven.



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ucanb1too: Nice nipples, sexy pic too

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Nice nipples, sexy pic too

sexylittlethings: collaredprincess: She thought sneaking a…

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She thought sneaking a peak while he was in the shower was a clever idea, but she didn’t realize how quick his reflexes were until he deftly caught her arm & pulled her in.



mmmfff.. Dear god I want to have a girl in the shower again!  There’s nothing like the way your bodies feel pressed together with hot water rushing down your skin.. squeezing cock, and groping breasts.. Fuck i’m hard..

fuckyeahsupermodel: Adriana Lima for Elle Italia

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Adriana Lima for Elle Italia


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