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I can see as I look down at your thighs how wet you are in…

3 Nov

I can see as I look down at your thighs how wet you are in anticipation of our adventures this evening, a glistening bead of you trickling down your skin, diverted ever so slightly and ever so often by the tiny little hairs it meets on its journey. You can tell what I’m looking at, and you blush just a tiny bit, a subtle badge of crimson that tells me how much we’re turning each other on. You slowly lower your head, your soft hair cascading around my cock, tickling my thigh just enough to make me twitch…and grow.

Ever-hardening, my cock grows to meet your lips, as if jumping out of its former confines to meet the delicious moisture of your hungry mouth. You brush your ruby smile against the head, eliciting a low moan from my throat. I can tell you’re going to take your time…and I’m going to love it.

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3 Nov





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3 Nov

ucanb1too: Nice nipples, sexy pic too

3 Nov


Nice nipples, sexy pic too

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3 Nov



She thought sneaking a peak while he was in the shower was a clever idea, but she didn’t realize how quick his reflexes were until he deftly caught her arm & pulled her in.



mmmfff.. Dear god I want to have a girl in the shower again!  There’s nothing like the way your bodies feel pressed together with hot water rushing down your skin.. squeezing cock, and groping breasts.. Fuck i’m hard..


2 Nov

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2 Nov


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