Thank you, dear. Very hot of you. ;) monkeycherry: She knew…

22 Kas

Thank you, dear. Very hot of you.😉


She knew just what she needed to do to get him off no matter how long his week or bad his day, no matter how grumpy he was from dealing with the inane and disenchanted. She stripped him down as soon as he got in the door and lay him back on the bed. She started to massage his whole body, ending at his cock; she sucked playfully at the tip of the hardened length of him and winked at him as she felt his tension ease and his body relaxed. 

She pulled out some sensuous massage oil and applied it liberally, rubbing his cock up and down with her hands. He lay back and closed his eyes, enjoying the hand job… she stopped a moment and he felt her shifting on the bed but thought nothing of it, until he felt that the hands had been replaced with silken arches that formed the perfect opening for his stiff member.

He hadn’t realized he could get harder than he already was. He opened his eyes in surprise, pulled himself up a little and met her lustful gaze, then looked down at the gorgeous display before him: her feet, rubbing vigorously up and down along his shaft. She seemed to have just the right pressure and tempo. He threw his head back and moaned loudly, causing her to smile and purr at him, her own pussy wet; she started to masturbate while giving him his footjob as she could sense he was ready to cum and she wanted to meet him there.

It erupted out of him like lava, he moaned and groaned as he came in spurts, egged on all the further by the sounds of her orgasming as well. He lay back, sated and more content than he had been all week.

Since there is a particular follower out there having a birthday, whom I know would enjoy a story like this, I must say: Happy Birthday, gentlemanpervert

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